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                  ABOUT US

                  TOEC GROUP CO., LTD

                  Tianjin Optical Electrical Group Co., Ltd. (i.e.TOEC) has been a High-Tech group company established in 1949. TOEC engages in optical communication, wireless communication, information security, electronic components and technical services. TOEC has 3 bases in Tianjin and 1 base in Shenzhen.


                  OUR BUSINESS

                  • Research & Development

                    TOEC has always given priority to technology innovation & creation. More than 5% of sales revenue has been put into product development annually. Product development is conducted by a first-class and highly-experienced...

                  • Manufacturing

                    These products are developed for government agencies, police and security bureaus to protect the information security in various applications. Main products are speech jammer, anti-recording...

                  • Research Commercialization

                    TOEC has cooperated with companies in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Israel, and USA in the field of information and communications technology. The ICT includes next generation of wireless...

                  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship

                    TOEC has started Engineer-to- Entrepreneurship Incentives since 2012. It encourages engineers to innovate and establish startups by providing initial funding, equity-based incentives. The startups shared TOEC market...


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